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Workshop on Sustainable cities and ICT

Welcome to a workshop jointly hosted by Urban Arena and the City of Lund on the 7th of June! 


The workshop is a platform for matchmaking between researchers from Lund University, actors from the private sector and officials from the City of Lund, to come together to discuss projects and possibilities for applications within the SIP on Smart Sustainable Cities.


The theme of the workshop is Smart Sustainable Cities and ICT in the case of northeast Lund.

Participation is free, please sign up here at the latest Friday 2nd of June. 


Here you will find details and the agenda for the workshop.


We hope to see you there!

Advancing Sustainable Cities - Implementing Agenda 2030

On Thursday 1 December 2016, the Lund University Urban Arena hosted a seminar at the Sustainable City Development Conference in Malmö on the topic of implementing Agenda 2030.


Lena Neij coordinated the seminar and welcomed our six speakers Michael Woodbrige from ICLEI, James Evans from the Manchester University and Oksana Mont, Eric Clark, Marie-Claude Dubois and Dalia Mukhtar-Landgren from Lund University.

Interlinkages between Agenda 2030 and the realization of sustainable cities were explored along with the latest research and the key challenges.

The issues and possibilities regarding the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals were discussed from the perspectives of local governments and academia, from the viewpoint of densification of growing cities with regards to the public spaces and daylight accessibility, as well as the possibilities of urban sharing and collaborative governance as tools for sustainable cities.

The seminar concluded with a panel discussion which opened up discussions about the roles of different actors, conflicting interests and how to move forward.

Wake-up Seminar 9th of November – The Compact City, a Sustainable Paradigm?

The last Wake-up seminar of 2016 was held by the Department of Architecture and Built Environment on the theme of urban densification and its challenges.

Presentations were held by Catharina Sternudd, Gunnar Sandin, Mattias Kärrholm, Johan Wirdelöv, Maria Kylin och Misagh Mottaghi who within in an hour introduced the challenges of the dense city from various perspectives.

Aspects such as daylight in a denser city, places for children, the possibility for the public to partake in planning of the city, the risk of polarization as the city changes and the technical challenges posed by handling of stormwater were discussed.

One hour is however too little to cover it all and it was decided that an additional meeting on the topic of urban densification will be held. If you missed the Wake-up Seminar and want to take part in the next meeting, please send an e-mail to Sofie Sandin.

Wanted: more research stories!

Is your current research connected to urban sustainable development? Are you ready to share some of it with the world? We are looking for more research stories and news! 

Just drop us a line, telling a bit about your work, its key questions and purposes and any results that you may have. We’ll meet for an interview and the result will be published on our web and can be linked to from other sites and medias.

Interested? Contact assisting coordinator Sofie Sandin!

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