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Lund University

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Research and education on sustainable urban issues


Lund University offers Sweden’s broadest and most interdisciplinary research connected to sustainable urban development. Our research is conducted by more than 150 researchers from across Lund University’s faculties. It covers ecological, social and economic aspects of the research area.

Lund University Urban Arena gathers and communicates this research, as well as Lund University’s undergraduate education and other activities related to sustainable urban development. It also links researchers from different faculties and disciplines. Closer cooperation and new venues strengthens our research activities.

In order to spread new research and results, Lund University Urban Arena also host regular seminars and other events, often directed to a broader audience. The Swedish part of the website is directed to a broader public, while the English pages have a more academic and internal focus.

Steering Group of Urban Arena


Lund University Urban Arena is run and developed by a steering group, with members from different faculties.