Research and education on sustainable urban issues


Lund University offers Sweden’s broadest and most interdisciplinary research connected to sustainable urban development. Our research is conducted at several of Lund University’s faculties, covering ecological, social and economic aspects of the research area.

Our vision and process

Urban Arena aims to strengthen and develop skills within sustainable urban development, and act for greater visibility of Lund University’s activities within the field.

We work by boosting collaboration and integration in research and education about sustainable urban development within Lund University, and by increasing internal and external communication about Lund University’s activities on sustainable urban development.

  • We gather, present and communicate more about our research, as well as Lund University’s undergraduate education and activities related to sustainable urban development.
  • We connect researchers from different faculties and disciplines at Lund University. Closer cooperation and new venues strengthens our research.

Lund University Urban Arena hosts regular seminars and other events.

The Swedish part of the website is directed to a broader public, while the English pages have a more academic and internal focus.


Collaboration on sustainable urban development at Lund University started in 2006. The early stages led to “Miljöbyggprogram Syd”, created in collaboration with Lund and Malmö Municipalities. More researchers joined when Mistra advertised Urban Futures 2008 and by 2009 when the application was sent in there was great interest in continuing working together. The same year IIIEE (via Lena Neij) sent an application to the Dean to create a portal for sustainable urban development.

Lund University Urban Arena was founded in 2012. A committee was formed based on the researchers that had actively contributed since 2006. 

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