Urban Arena Testbeds

A collaborative initiative for sustainable urban development


Urban Arena Testbeds is a collaboration initiative that links research and practice to find solutions and identify obstacles to sustainable urban development. Researchers from Urban Arena participate in Urban Arena Testbeds – a cross-Faculty network at Lund University with an interest in sustainable urban development – as well as a number of cities and municipalities (collaboration partners) with an interest in these issues. We also collaborate with other actors active in sustainable urban development.

Urban Arena Testbeds organizes events to spread knowledge and facilitate collaboration. Together with our collaborative partners – and in dialogue with the surrounding community's actors – innovative and scientifically well-founded answers to current challenges in sustainable urban development are being developed.

In the long term, a number of pilots (test beds) are set up, where researchers and actors from our collaboration partners work together to test ideas and implement strategies from the collaboration initiative. The purpose of our pilots is also to develop formats and methods for practice-based research.


Collaboration Partners*

  • Helsingborgs City
  • Höganäs Municipality
  • Lomma Municipality
  • Lunds Municipality
  • Malmö City
  • Trelleborgs Municipality
  • Ängelholm Municipality

 * The list may be updated with additional collaboration partners.

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