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Urban blue green infrastructure



Space for blue and green infrastructure is a highly topical issue in increasingly densely populated cities, where space is built-up with roads, houses, industrial premises and other infrastructure.

Blue and green infrastructure entails cohesive networks of nature and water areas with functioning ecosystems. Functioning ecosystems contain a biodiversity adapted to the physical geography of the area. This also creates the conditions for the maintenance of ecosystem services necessary to humans. Examples of such services are pollination, water and air purification, flood management and leisure activities.

We know that human health is promoted by spending time in nature and many people prefer to live close to nature. When planning new construction, it is therefore necessary also to take account of and develop the blue and green infrastructure.

In this thematic area, we research the conditions of blue and green infrastructure in cities, its impact on humans and nature, how people perceive it and what preferences and needs they have of it, how we can use design, municipal planning and national policy and legislation to create more high-quality blue-green infrastructure.


Johanna Alkan Olsson

Johanna Sörensen

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