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Climate solutions for the future living environment – Creative Workshop series

Do you want to work in a creative environment to find solutions to complex problems? We invite you to a series of workshops to gain deeper insights on how to take action and create impactful solutions to climate impact on construction, housing and cityscape

– Published 17 March 2022

We will guide you through the creative process that will run through three different session. During the first session, you will get to know your group and create a shared vision. At the second session, you will deepen your understanding of the problem and define challenges. At the third session, you will develop new solutions to the problems.

This is an opportunity for you to get new perspectives on your research area, network with potential partners and test ideas. You will work together with other researchers, business and public actors to generate ideas, identify opportunities for impact and explore ways to take action.

The purpose is to be proactive regarding external funding opportunities. At the end of the third workshop, you will have new project ideas to develop further together with partners. This will put you in a good position to apply for external funding.


20 April             13:00 - 16:00     Group and vision creation

27 April             13:00 - 16:00     Problem understanding and challenge definition

4 May                13:00 - 16:00     Problem solving


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