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Urban Arena Testbeds

Urban Arena Testbeds is a collaborative initiative that leverages transdisciplinary processes for Lund University researchers and non-academic partners to co-produce knowledge and create a community of learning and action.

The researchers have established several pilot projects (testbeds) with local governments to test and implement ideas and theories. Current collaboration partners include:


The researchers have also attracted external funding to conduct research on a wide range of sustainable urban development topics. The following is a list of projects that are affiliated with Urban Arena Testbeds:

EmbedterLabs: Better Embedded Labs for More Synergistic Sustainable Urban Transformation Planning

The project is translating urban living lab outcomes into more synergistic policy mixes and support urban sustainable transformations.

Funder: JPI Urban Europe

Partners: 12 partners from Sweden, the Netherlands and Poland

LU Researchers: Andrew Karvonen


LU Living Lab: A testbed for research on future student housing and Social Sustainability

The project team is developing methods, products, and processes to

foster community, health and social sustainability in student housing.

Funders: Vinnova and Akademiska hus

Partners: 9 Swedish partners from the academic, public and private sectors

LU Researchers: Ivette Arroyo, Mattias Kärrholm, Johan Rahm


Bicycle Logistics in Urban Environments

The project is exploring how to expand freight and goods transport by bicycle in urban areas while protecting social sustainability goals.

Funder: Swedish Transport Administration

Partners: 6 Swedish partners from the academic, public and private sectors

LU Researchers: Alexander Paulsson, Till Koglin


CO-HOPE: Collaborative Housing in a Pandemic Era: cross-country inter-and

transdisciplinary evaluation, innovative approaches, human rights-based policy recommendations and capacity building

The project is examining the role of collaborative housing in relation to

the right to the city and evaluate collaborative housing projects in five European countries to create a participatory process and policy recommendations.

Funder: JPI Urban Europe

Partners: 18 partners from Sweden, Spain, Austria, France and Finland

LU Researchers: Anders Lund Hansen, Ivette Arroyo, Norma Montesino


Housing for More People in Existing Housing: A Testbed for Sharing and Reducing Loneliness

This project is developing an increased understanding and knowledge of the social, economic and environmental effects of shared housing.

Funder: Vinnova

Partners: 6 Swedish partners from the academic, public and private sectors

LU Researchers: Ida Sandström


TRANS-LEARN: Ecosystems of Learning for Urban Sustainability Transformations

The project is investigating the creation of ecosystems of learning in

sustainable urban development to support urban sustainability transformations.

Funder: Formas

Partners: KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Gothenburg University, Lund University, National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, Gothenburg Region, The Swedish Centre for Innovation and Quality in the Built Environment (IQS), Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, Viable Cities, Vinnova

LU Researchers: Andrew Karvonen


The Syntax of Equality: A Tool for Expressing and Implementing Equality and Inclusion

The project is developing and testing a tool to express and implement equality and inclusion in the physical environment, allowing municipalities to focus on equality goals and how to reach them through their development processes.

Funder: Vinnova

Partners: Lund University, Gothenburg University, Lund Municipality, Kalmar

Municipality, City of Gothenburg, Östersund Municipality

LU Researchers: Ida Sandström


Please contact us to suggest projects and collaborations or if you need help in finding researchers in the field of sustainable urban development.

Urban Arena Testbeds Team

Andrew Karvonen

Ida Sandström

Emma Lysholm

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