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Workshop: "Planning the Healthy City: Synergies, Conflicts and Opportunities" 1 March 2023, 9:15-10:30

Hosted by Urban Arena, Lund University 

1 March 2023, 9:15-10:30


Densification of cities is an enticing way to realise multiple sustainability goals but it also raises important questions about public health and well-being. Urban residents are already exposed to a wide range of environmental pollutants and denser cities can result in increased exposure to transportation emissions as well as noise, vibrations, and light pollution. Meanwhile, the increased competition for space in dense cities tends to crowd out urban green spaces that are essential for maintaining human well-being. To date, there has been little multidisciplinary research on the interactions between public health and urban planning. Understanding how we can plan our cities to protect and even promote public health is essential to realising more sustainable futures. 

This workshop provides an opportunity to discuss ongoing and new research topics that connect urban planning and public health. We invite academics and practitioners to deliver brief presentations on their current urban public health activities and to brainstorm on new opportunities for collaboration. Please join us!

When: 1 March 2023, 9:15-10:30 

Where: Gamla Biskopshuset, Biskopsgatan 1, Lund

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